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From time to time God intervenes potently and directly on a large scale in the affairs of man.Genesis 11:7-9Genesis 11:7-9Circumstances, God Intervenes, God Works
God orchestrates circumstances to bring His plans into realization for those He will use in accomplishing His will - circumstances involving His chosen people, circumstances not always pleasant, and circumstances (which when seen individually) which appear counter intuitive.Genesis 37:1-36Genesis 37:1-36Circumstances, God's Purposes, God Is Sovereign
God brings His people to circumstances that help them see some former sins can have consequences later in life.Genesis 44:16-20Genesis 44:1-34Circumstances, Sins, God Works
It is God's manifold grace that opens the understanding of a selected, faithful servant to clear realization that what others label adversity, injustice, and abusive God uses in his life for His glory.Genesis 45:4-9Genesis 45:1-15Circumstances, God's Glory, God's Work
Sometimes the reaction to a bad situation by God's people is worse than the situation to which they reacted.1 Samuel 8:1-91 Samuel 8:1-9Actions, Circumstances, Troubles
No matter the circumstance, let every Christ-follower remember and declare God's mercy and God's truth.Psalm 40:10-11Psalm 40:10-11Circumstances, God's Mercy, God's Truth
Those who remain humble before the LORD will know a calm and peace of heart regardless of circumstances.Psalm 131:1-3Psalm 131:1-3Circumstances, Humble, Peace
The peace 'the world gives' is either (1) artifical (drugs or distractions), (2) situational (availabe if in the right circumstance), or (3) external (available periodically in times of social or situational peace), but 'MY peace' from the LORD is (1) real (genuine), (2) available (always in all or any circumstance), and (3) internal (in the inner man whether or not in times of social or situational peace) -- therefore, in temporary, confusing, or dangerous circumstances, Christ-followers are not to become troubled or let fear overcome them.John 14:27John 14:27circumstances, peace
All things work together for good to those who love God BECAUSE the Spirit of God makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.Romans 8:27-28Romans 8:27-28Circumstances, God's Will, Intercession