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Those who follow God but choose a sinful act (when caught in the sin) may try to blame another.Genesis 16:5Genesis 16:1-16Sinfulness, Christ-followers, Blame
A Christ-follower, who looses a spouse to death, will bury his spouse with all the honor and respect he can or has available.Genesis 23:16-20Genesis 23:1-20Christ-followers, Death, Spouse
Those in the LORD living among idolaters take opportunity to 'identify' with others in the LORD.Genesis 42:18Genesis 42:1-38Christ-followers, Idolatrous Culture, Opportunity
Some idolatrous cultures can be so skewed as to consider it an abomination to sit at a meal table and eat with a follower of Christ - one of God's chosen people.Genesis 43:32Genesis 43:1-34Abomination, Christ-followers, Idolatrous Culture
What one of God's children needs to complete the assignment or ministry often comes from God during the assignment or ministry - not prior to the assignment.Genesis 46:2-4Genesis 46:1-34Christ-followers, God Provides, God's Assignment
Those who follow by faith God's leadership toward achieving His purposes will experience God's provision, power, and promises.Deuteronomy 2:24-36Deuteronomy 2:24-37God's Leadership, Christ-followers, Trust God
Honoring the generations of Christ-followers who preceded us is right in God's eyes.Deuteronomy 5:16Deuteronomy 5:16Christ-followers, Honor Parents
Christ-followers are to avoid both murder and sexual assaults or abuses in acts and in their imaginations.Deuteronomy 5:17-18, Matthew 5:21-22, Matthew 5:27-28Deuteronomy 5:17-18Avoid Sinning, Christ-followers, Imagination
Those who follow Christ are not to steal (take) from others - possessions, ideas, intellectual property, money, people, identify, time or property of another.Deuteronomy 5:19Deuteronomy 5:19Sinful, Christ-followers, Don't Steal
Christ-followers are to avoid damaging or breaking relationships with neighbors - especially by falsely accusing them to others.Deuteronomy 5:20Deuteronomy 5:20-21Christ-followers, False Accusation, Personal Relationship
Christ-followers are to diligently - earnestly expend real conscious and consistent effort - take heed in honoring God's Word by applying it in the power of God's Spirit.Deuteronomy 6:17Deuteronomy 6:17-19Christ-followers, Holy Spirit, Receptive To God's Word
As each Christ-follower was once a stranger or alien in a foreign land, Christ-followers are to express God's kind of love to strangers and aliens today.Deuteronomy 10:18-19, Ephesians 2:11-13Deuteronomy 10:18-22Christ-followers, Express Love, Stranger
God's people are to come together to celebrate Him, rejoice in God and His salvation and provision, remembering they are His holy people.Deuteronomy 14:24-26Deuteronomy 14:24-29Christ-followers, Holiness, Worship God
As the Levitical priests of Israel had no earthly inheritance given them by God - thus, trusted continually on God's provision - so, Christ-followers as intercessory priests (like Christ, Himself) have no earthly inheritance given them by God (but a heavenly inheritance is theirs) also trust continually on God and His provision.Deuteronomy 18:1-5, Matthew 6:19-21, 2 Peter 1:3-5Deuteronomy 18:1-5Christ-followers, Inheritance, Intercession
Christ-followers are not out to take nations to build an earthly inheritance, but to take hearts and make disciples.Deuteronomy 20:9-11Deuteronomy 20:9-15Christ-followers, Inheritance, Make Disciples
Christ-followers are to help or assist those who have a need as well as return what was found to him who lost it.Deuteronomy 22:1-4Deuteronomy 22:1-8Christ-followers, Mercy, Repentant
Christ-followers are to be considerate of animals - respecting their multiplication process.Deuteronomy 22:6-7Deuteronomy 22:1-8Animals, Christ-followers, Nature
Christ-followers need to know some things are not to be mixed or put together - such as a Christ-follower is not to marry an unbeliever (one who doesn't follow Christ).Deuteronomy 22:9-12, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18Deuteronomy 22:9-30Christ-followers, Marriage, Unbelievers
God holds a Christ-follower responsible for what he or she vows to Him in His name.Deuteronomy 23:21-23Deuteronomy 23:21-23Christ-followers, Responsibility, Vows
The HIStory of a Christ-follower begins with declaring God's name and continues by declaring God's works and God's ways.Deuteronomy 32:3-4Deuteronomy 32:3-4God's Name, Bear Witness, Christ-followers
There is no one like a Christ-follower redeemed by the LORD and Who is like the LORD God of heaven.Deuteronomy 33:26, Deuteronomy 33:29Deuteronomy 33:26-29Christ-followers, God's Character, Redeemed
Those who know and represent God on earth are great places of refuge for those running from trouble or danger.Joshua 20:7, 1 Chronicles 6:57 and 76, 1 Chronicles 7:28Joshua 20:7God's People, Refuge, Christ-followers
Disciples of Christ under the new covenant would give themselves first before giving a spouse or family member to a mob of whoremongers or rapists.Judges 19:22-30Judges 19:22-30Christ-followers, New Covenant, Sacrificial Giving
Those who follow Christ let God avenge their enemies, those who do harm to them.2 Samuel 3: 38 - 39, Genesis 12:17 - 212 Samuel 3: 38 - 39Enemies, Avenge, Christ-followers
Some very few families among God's people increase wealth (land, animals, crops, money) greatly and stand out when they do so.1 Chronicles 4:38-391 Chronicles 4wealth, Christ-followers, abundance
Those IN CHRIST and dwelling (abiding in) in God's presence are characterized by (1) clean reputation, (2) obedience to God, (3) truthful and genuine, (4) avoids slandering, (5) loves neighbors and friends, (6) hates the right things (same things as God), (7) respects other Christ-followers, (8) dependable, faithful, (9) generous, and (10) uncompromising integrity.Psalm 15:1-5Psalm 15:1-5Abide In Christ, Believer's Character, Christ-followers
Those who realize they are benefactors of God's mercy cannot help but praise God!Psalm 48:9-10Psalm 48:9-10God's Mercy, Christ-followers, Praise God
The LORD, Himself, is to be the Center-Point of one's life; whether dealing with family matters, military defense, or personal lifestyle.Psalm 127:1-3Psalm 127:1-3Christ-followers, Focus On The Lord, Fully Devoted
Christ-followers in idolatrous cultures must be men of prayer - gathering for prayer.Daniel 2:14-18Daniel 2:1-18Prayer, Christ-followers, Idolatrous Culture
Prayer is essential in the lives of those who are fully dedicated in faithfulness, walking with the LORD.Daniel 10:2-3, Daniel 10:12Daniel 10:1-12Prayer, Christ-followers, Faithful
The burdens or pressures for a fully dedicated Christ-follower in an idolatrous culture may be so great as to call for extended times of prayer and fasting - especially by one highly educated, highly positioned.Daniel 10:1-9Daniel 10:1-12Christ-followers, Dedication, Idolatrous Culture
Christ-followers who are reviled, persecuted, and mocked for simply living out the Christ-life should rejoice and be really glad because their reward in heaven will be great.Matthew 5:11-12Matthew 5:11-12Persecution, Christ-followers, Christ-life
At any particular time, the LORD may lead His servants where to go as well as where not to go.Matthew 10:1-6Matthew 10:1-6God Leads, Christ-followers, God's Will
Christ-followers are to forgive from their heart (inner man) those who offend or sin against them.Matthew 18:35Matthew 18:35Christ-followers, Forgiveness, Offenses
Those who walk with the LORD faithfully and IN FAITH see overtime the LORD do great things.John 1:50John 1:1-53Believers, Christ-followers, God's Power
Those with whom the LORD Jesus Christ enters a personal relationship by faith (1) hear Him speak and (2) follow His lead - communion with the Father and walking with God are IN the relationship with Jesus Christ.John 10:27John 10:1-42Christ-followers, God Speaks, Intimacy
Like Jesus, every Christ-follower should humbly submit to carry out God's will - regardless of the course it takes - and obey Him all our days BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO GOD.John 13:3-5, Hebrews 12:2John 13:3-5surrender, God's will, Christ-followers
Hving 'God's-kind-of-love' among Christ-followers identifies them as followers of Jesus Christ.John 13:34-35John 13:33-35love others, Christ-followers, disciples
Some followers of Christ will die out of obedience to the LORD - fully devoted to the LORD.John 13:36John 13:36fully devoted, Christ-followers, obedience
Jesus' ascension to God's right hand has resulted in God working in greater proportions through believers across the world than when He worked only through Jesus on earth.John 14:11-12John 14:1-12ascension, God works, Christ-followers
Each Christ-follower is IN CHRIST - to make up Christ's body, the church.John 14:17-20John 14:15-20church, body of Christ, Christ-followers
Those IN CHRIST who remain intimately related to Christ will as a matter of fact toninue to bear fruit - over and over again.John 15:1-5John 15:1-7relationship, in Christ, Christ-followers
Followers of Christ are urged - yeah, commanded - to love one another - love defined by involvement, commitment, and sacrifice.John 15:12-13John 15:12-13friendship, love others, Christ-followers
Close or intimate friendship is available between Christ and His followers - as well as among His followers - (1) when they walk in obedience to what He has said, (2) when they talk openly (transparency) what God has revealed to them, and (3) when they love each other (love including involvement, commitment, and sacrifice).John 15:13-15John 15:13-15friendship, love others, Christ-followers
Those IN CHRIST were (1) chosen by the LORD and (2) appointed (to a ministry in the body) by Him so that (3) as the ministry is carried out fruit would keep coming and (4) the fruit of the ministry carried out will stay (last) and (5) that whatever they might ask (in carrying out the ministry) the Father in Jesus' name, the Father might give them (in carrying out the ministry).John 15:16John 15:16fruit, Christ-followers, obedience
Those IN CHRIST are continually commanded by the LORD to actively and continually love others in Christ's body.John 15:17John 15:17Christ-followers, love others, commands
Those who reject and hate Jesus a Messiah and God's Word, because they have no relationship with God as Father (not born from above into God's forever family), wil likely also reject and hate disciples of Jesus who faithfully present Jesus and God's Word.John 15:19-25John 15:19-27persecuted, Christ-followers, faithful
Those faithful Christ-followers who are persecuted, hated, or rejected in proclaiming Christ have the PARACLETE (Holy Spirit, Comforter, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Spirit of Truth) from the Father with them - ministering (a witness) through them and to them.John 15:26-27John 15:19-27Christ-followers, faithful, Holy Spirit
When times of persecution and suffering come to faithful followers fo Christ, they need to remember what Jesus said (chapters 14, 15, 16) in order to avoid stumbling or falling away: (1) obey Jesus' teachings, (2) experience intimacy with the Father, (3) your much fruit will remain, and (4) the Holy Spirit (Helper, Comforter) is with you.John 16:1-4John 16:1-4Christ-followers, faithful, Holy Spirit
Sometimes those who persecute faithful followers of Christ think they are doing a service to God.John 16:2John 16:1-4persecution, Christ-followers, faithful
Jesus' sending the Holy Spirit (Helper, Comforter, Advocate) to each disciple of Christ brought to them - as to each today - an advantage (profited them) over having Jesus physically near them.John 16:5-7John 16:5-7Christ-followers, advantage, Holy Spirit
For those IN CHRIST, the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Truth) WILL AS A MATTER OF FACT (1) guide them into all truth, (2) speak to Christ-followers what God tells Him, (3) tell them things to come, and (4) glorify Jesus by taking from all that is of Christ and revealing (declaring, reporting) it to them - the latter repeated twice back to back for emphasis.John 16:12-15John 16:12-15truth, Christ-followers, Holy Spirit
The revelations, declarations, leadership, and guidance of the Holy Spirit are essential (not optional) to each Christ-follower to knowing and doing God's will.John 16:12-15John 16:12-15guidance, Christ-followers, Holy Spirit
There is a great joy to be experienced and owned by disciples of Jesus who come to know (1) He lives eternally at God's right hand and (2) all the promises (Word and words) of Jesus and Father are true.John 16:16-22John 16:16-22God's Word, joy, Christ-followers
Once a follower of Jesus experiences Jesus alive (revelation of Jesus) and a confirmation of His promised Word (words revealed or fulfilled) the "heart joy" they experience cannot be taken from them.John 16:16-22John 16:16-22God's Word, joy, Christ-followers
Disciples of Christ can ask OF THE FATHER through Jesus (at God's right hand) as Jesus asked the Father throughout His life - an open and intimate communion between Father and sons.John 16:23-24John 16:23-24ask, prayer, Christ-followers
Christ wants His followers to know and experience a genuine love relationship with His (and their) Father.John 16:25-28John 16:25-28love God, Christ-followers, Christ
There is a joy Jesus experienced which can be experienced to the full by those IN CHRIST.John 17:13, John 15:11, John 16:22-24John 17:1-26Joy, Christ-followers, In Christ
Shall each Christ-follower not drink the cup which the Father has given him or her?John 18:11John 18:1-40Christ-followers, God's Will, Surrender
Jesus wants His disciples - yes, His brothers and sisters - to know and experience His Father and His God as their Father and their God.John 20:17John 20:1-31Christ-followers, Father, Know God
The Holy Spirit is the Divine Pneuma NOW received by and resident in all Christ-followers - as the Enabler to make possible the fulfillment of Jesus' commission.John 20:21-22, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Ephesians 1:13-14John 20:1-31Christ-followers, Holy Spirit, Enable
Each Christ-follower is individually responsible to the LORD to follow His leadership - the grace, the course, the life set out for him or her by the LORD.John 21:21-22John 21:1-25Christ-followers, Responsibility, Surrender
Christ can transform a crude fisherman of fish into a loving shepherd of His sheep (Christ-followers).John 21:15-17John 21:1-25Christ-followers, Transformation, Made New
The primary focus of one who believes Jesus is the Son of God and is surrendered to Jesus is FOLLOW JESUS, follow the leadership of the LORD.John 21:19-23John 21:19-23Christ-followers, God's Will, Surrender
The leadership of Jesus toward Christ-followers is unique or individualized.John 21:19-23John 21:19-23Christ-followers, God's Will, Unique
Following Jesus can take various Christ-followers various directions according to God's purposes.John 21:19-23John 21:19-23Christ-followers, God's Will, Unique
Teaching the truth must go on regardless of the opposition.Acts 5:42Acts 5:42teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Teaching Jesus is the Christ can be done publicly and from house to house (privately).Acts 5:42Acts 5:42teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
The heart of what believers teachers concerning "Who Jesus is."Acts 5:42Acts 5:42teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
The good news is that Jesus is the Christ - Savior sent by God.Acts 5:42Acts 5:42teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Persecutions have come to assemblies of Christ-followers before and are coming again now as well as in the days ahead.Acts 8:1-4Acts 8:1-4Persecution, Suffering, Christ-followers
Some teachers are formally (and highly) educated.Acts 18:24-26Acts 18:24-26teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Some teachers teach with great fervor.Acts 18:24-26Acts 18:24-26teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Educated teachers who teach with enthusiasm can still learn more (need to be open to further learning).Acts 18:24-26Acts 18:24-26teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Sometimes unsuspected people have additional insights concerning the LORD.Acts 18:24-26Acts 18:24-26teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Most of the time it is best to get a preacher aside privately to share (explain) a word from the LORD.Acts 18:24-26Acts 18:24-26teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Believers need to be equipped to be competent to teach others.Romans 15:14, Galatians 6:6Romans 15:14teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Believers can teach each other as they have knowledge competence to do so.Romans 15:14, Galatians 6:6Romans 15:14teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Those who receive instruction should 'materially' compensate the one teaching.Romans 15:14, Galatians 6:6Romans 15:14teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
Christ-followers need to know and live on this - Christ in us completely satisfies / fills / levels up our relationship with God.Colossians 2:9-10Colossians 2new covenant, Christ-followers, intimacy with God
It's one thing to know the Word of God - it's another thing to have it dwell in you richly (abundantly, thoroughly).Colossians 3:16Colossians 3:16teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
With the Word dwelling richly in the teacher's life, the teacher can minister with all wisdom.Colossians 3:16Colossians 3:16teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
A believer can choose to let the Word of Christ dwell in the richly.Colossians 3:16Colossians 3:16teaching, teachers, Christ-followers
The body of Christ should be teaching sound doctrine - grace Gospel oriented - as to how the righteous are to live.1 Timothy 1:9-111 Timothy 1:8-11teaching, Christ-followers, righteous
God puts no ban or restriction on eating what He has created as long as Christ-followers give Him thanks (believing it is from God and knowing He is its Creator) -- see also Mark 7:14-23.1 Timothy 4:3-51 Timothy 4:1-5restrictions, eating, Christ-followers
Christ-followers who abstain from drinking alcohol may come to a time in life in which the use of a little alcohol as a medicinal purpose (treating some chronic medical issue) is advisable.1 Timothy 5:231 Timothy 5:23-25medicine, Christ-followers, alcohol
A Christ-follower can be and should be content to possess adequate sustenance and coverings (clothes).1 Timothy 6:81 Timothy 6:6-8contentment, possessions, Christ-followers
Contentment and satisfaction are available to the Christ-follower in the simpliest of life circumstances.1 Timothy 6:81 Timothy 6:6-8contentment, possessions, Christ-followers
In contrast to finanial gain, great or 'mega' gain is experienced as a Christ-follower walks in godliness - reverence toward, loving fear toward God - with his or her mind and heart satisfied IN CHRIST.1 Timothy 6:61 Timothy 6:6-8rewards, satisfied, Christ-followers
A (1) lack of contentment, (2) a resolute plan (fully resolve) to be rich and have many resources, and (3) a love for money produce or bring about (A) falling into temptations, snares, and foolish / harmful lusts and (B) rooting of all kinds of evil attitudes and actions which (1) drown men in complete undoing and misery and (2) some even stray away from their faith in God - piercing themselves through with many sorrows.1 Timothy 6:8-101 Timothy 6:8-10contentment, possessions, Christ-followers
Be content with God's provision and don't sell yourself out to an endless, headstrong pursuit of money, resources, and possessions.1 Timothy 6:8-101 Timothy 6:8-10contentment, possessions, Christ-followers
Not al who start well finish well.2 Timothy 1:152 Timothy 1:15finish, Christ-followers, obedience
Those IN CHRIST who are facing an ever-increasing hostile (to the Gospel message) world and are fully surrendered in carrying out His specific will would do well to know as a matter of fact (1) the LORD will stand close beside you, (2) the LORD will strengthen (impart more ability to) you, (3) the LORD will deliver or rescue you from every evil work, and (4) the LORD will preserve you right into His heavenly kingdom.2 Timothy 4:17-182 Timothy 4:17-18Opposition, Christ-followers, Obedience
It is God's grace or favor toward a Christ-follower that really makes him or advances him in being more Christlike and in doing God's will.2 Timothy 4:222 Timothy 4:19-22Grace, Christ-followers, Christ-likeness
The local assemblies of Christ-followers are to have multiple, appointed spiritual leaders who meet the qualifications and engage in carrying out their responsibilities: Qualifications are God-honoring character applied and proven in the family and community and Responsibilities of (1) knowing God's Word and its application in life, (2) teach soundly the Word of God so the people of God can grow in Christ-likeness, interact as Christ-followers, and engage in good works, (3) promote the Gospel of grace and new birth by the Holy Spirit, and (4) protect against divisiveness in the assembly.Titus 1, 2, 3Titus 1, 2, 3church, leaders, Christ-followers
Those IN CHRIST were saved (as a matter of fact) (1) through the kindness and love of God in Jesus Christ, (2) according to God's mercy, (3) not on the basis of works (deeds) of righteousness they practiced, (4) through the bathing or washing that came with regeneration (recreation, new birth), (5) through the renewing (to make fresh, new or complete change for the better) accomplished by the Holy Spirit, (6) have been justified (legally declared righteous), and (7) become heirs (sonship) based on the hope of eternal life.Titus 3:4-7Titus 3:4-7grace, salvation, Christ-followers
Those who have received God's gift of salvation in Jesus Christ has also received the Holy Spirit in abundance or richly.Titus 3:6Titus 3:6-11Christ-followers, salvation, Holy Spirit
Christ-followers are urged to learn by experience the value of engaging in or applying oneself in good works (even honest labor) so that they can meet urgent or pressing needs that arise - meeting such needs produces fruit.Titus 3:14Titus 3:12-15good works, fruit, Christ-followers