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Treasures for 'Christ\'s Life'

You could see the Father in Jesus because the Father dwelt in Him - as today you can see Christ in each believer because the Holy Spirit of Christ dwells in each believer.John 14:7-12John 14:1-12believer, Christ's life, Holy Spirit
Christ-followers are - by the Holy Spirit - to be kind (helpful or useful) to one another, tenderhearted (compassionate or understanding), forgiving the wrongs or offenses of one another - even as God in Christ forgave each one of them.Ephesians 4:31-32Ephesians 4:31-32forvieness, Christ-likeness, Christ's life
Spiritual leaders are to constantly affirm or emphasize these things to those who have believed God's Gospel: (1) don't forget to maintain or practice good works (which are advantageous and good for everyone), (2) avoid foolish disputes, (3) avoid genealogies - the blood line that makes the difference is the blood of Christ, (4) avoid contentions and strivings about law-requirements which are contrary to grace, being unprofitable and useless, and (5) reject from the fellowship one who continues to be divisive (even after rebukes and warnings) - such have condemned themselves to this process.Titus 3:8-11Titus 3:6-11Christ's life, body of Christ, spiritual leaders