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Treasures for 'Chosen'

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There are people in the Body of Christ - sent there, gifted by God - to carry out God's "next steps" of His will.Exodus 31:1-11Exodus 31:1-11Chosen, God Is Sovereign, God Sent
God can, has, and does select individuals to do certain tasks in His will.Numbers 34:16-19Numbers 34:16-19Chosen, God Chooses, God's Will
God's people have been chosen by Him.Deuteronomy 14:2Deuteronomy 14:2believer, Chosen
Those who hate (especially who do hateful things toward) God's chosen people will, without fail, be dealt with severely by God.Psalm 129:5, Genesis 12:1-3Psalm 129:5Chosen, Hate, Righteous Judgment
From the mass of followers, some are chosen out for specific assignments.Mark 3:13-15Mark 3:13-15Specific assignments, followers, Chosen