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Treasures for 'Character'

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The difficulties and hardships Christ-followers experience today are quite likely the training grounds for the next assignment from God.Genesis 39:21-23, Genesis 39:2-4, Genesis 41:38-44Genesis 39:20-23Character, God's Will, Hardships
God uses difficult situations and hardships to further develop character, knowledge, and skills in the life of those (even faithful ones) He is using or He will be using.Genesis 39:20, Genesis 37:28, Genesis 37:36Genesis 39:20-23Character, God's Will, Hardships
As the temple (built by Solomon) in Jerusalem was to be a house 'for God's name' (reputation, character, face) so is the (body of) Christ-followers to 'house' God's name (reputation, character, face).1 Kings 5:3-5, 1 Corinthians 6:19-201 Kings 5God's name, body of Christ, character
Inheritors in God's kingdom will be happy and blessed when they express and experience true humility.Matthew 5:3Matthew 5:1-4Spiritual leadership, character
Those Christ-followers who are meek are blessed, happy, and fortunate and are going to inherit the earth.Matthew 5:5Matthew 5:5-6Spiritual leadership, character
Christ-followers who hunger and thirst for righteousness - living right before God - will be filled or satisfied.Matthew 5:6Matthew 5:5-6Spiritual leadership, character
The position of bishop requires proven character and ability to get along with people - in one's family, the assembly, and the community - and proven skill to teach.1 Timothy 3:1-71 Timothy 3:1-7teach, character, bishop
Spiritual leaders must be careful to avoid associating with or participating in other people's sinful actions.1 Timothy 5:221 Timothy 5:21-22pure, spiritual leaders, character
Spiritual leaders are to keep themselves undefiled from sin (inside and out) or pure.1 Timothy 5:221 Timothy 5:21-22pure, spiritual leaders, character
The selecting of and public affirmation of elders, bishops, teachers, and deacons are not to be done heastily, (too quickly, speedily).1 Timothy 5:221 Timothy 5:21-22spiritual leaders, servants, character