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Treasures for 'Boldness'

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A prophet or spokesman for God will have to have (1) Holy Spirit enabled boldness to speak judgment / condemnation into the face of a king / national leader and have to (2) be certain of the word he got from God.1 Kings 22:17, 281 Kings 22God's Word, boldness, prophet
Some sin SO BOLDLY as to do so in the LORD's face.2 Kings 21:4-72 Kings 21boldness, indifference, sin
Those who are walking in obedience to God by faith will be viewed as taking bold action(s).Proverbs 28:1Proverbs 28boldness, obedience, walk with God
What a difference is brought when those IN CHRIST are filled with the Holy Spirit and face opposition - they receive clarity of God's Gospel, clarity of Jesus Christ, and boldness in the face of opposition to proclaim both.Acts 4:13, Acts 4:31Acts 4:2-13Opposition, Boldness, Spirit-filled