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Treasures for 'Blessed'

Those blessed by God with a demanded, practical skill are doubly blessed if God also gives them the ability to teach that skill to others.Exodus 35:30-35Exodus 35:30-35Blessed, Ability, Teach Others
Blessed are the peacemakers as a struggle or fight is ended.2 Samuel 2:25-28, Matthew 5:9, Romans 12:182 Samuel 2:25-28Blessed, Peacemakers, Peace Negotiations
Those who trust the LORD are blessed.Psalm 2:12Psalm 2:12blessed, Trust God
The one who trusts God is blessed.Psalm 34:8Psalm 34:8blessed, Trust God
Being together - and together in heart and purpose - IN CHRIST with the body of Christ is a rich, blessed experience.Psalm 133:1-3Psalm 133:1-3Blessed, Together, Unity
Riches, honor, and life come by humility before God and trust in God.Proverbs 22:4Proverbs 22blessed, humility, trust