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Treasures for 'Bishop'

The position of bishop requires proven character and ability to get along with people - in one's family, the assembly, and the community - and proven skill to teach.1 Timothy 3:1-71 Timothy 3:1-7teach, character, bishop
Necessary qualifications to be a bishop or overseer include (1) above reproach (no accusations that stick), (2) a one-wife husband, (3) abstain from all or immoderate use of wine, (4) sober or sound mind (prudent), (5) well behaved, (6) apt to and skillful in teaching, (7) avoids sitting long at wine, (8) not violent, (9) not loving money (greedy), (10) not covetous, (11) governs his household well (including respect from children), (12) not a novice IN CHRIST (a novice as bishop elicits pride and all that goes with pride), and (13) a good testimony or reputation among those outside the body of Christ.1 Timothy 3:1-71 Timothy 3:1-7service, body of Christ, bishop
Qualifications to be appointed an elder in a local assembly of believers focus on one's character: (1) no standing accusations, (2) husband of one wife, and (3) obedient children, submissive to parents.Titus 1:5-6Titus 1:5-9bishop, qualifications, elders
For an elder to be selected as an overseer - a trust given by God to manage - he must further qualify (beyond as an elder) (1) selfless, (2) patient, (3) drinks little or no wine, (4) non-violent, (5) doesn't chase money, (6) loves people, (7) prudent, (8) just, (9) holy, (10) self-controlled, (11) holds firmly to God's truth (knows it and applies it), and (12) able through teaching God's Word to exhort (personally instruct) and expose false teaching.Titus 1:7-9Titus 1:5-9bishop, qualifications, elders
The elders who serve a local assembly as an overseer (episkopos) need to be qualified before selected.Titus 1:5-9Titus 1:5-9bishop, qualifications, elders