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Treasures for 'Believers'

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Those who know the LORD know His mercy has been exercised toward them.Psalm 117:1-2Psalm 117:1-2Believers, God's Mercy, Know God
Faith in God's salvation in Jesus Christ makes an eternal difference to those who believe and are saved.Daniel 12:1-3Daniel 12:1-13Believers, Eternal Life, Salvation
Those who as a matter of fact have received Jesus and are continually believing on His name have become (been made) children of God, born of God.John 1:12-13John 1:1-53Believers, In Christ, Born Again
Those who walk with the LORD faithfully and IN FAITH see overtime the LORD do great things.John 1:50John 1:1-53Believers, Christ-followers, God's Power
God does not give His Holy Spirit to believers in measure - 1/2, 1/3, 3/4, 2/3 - but in full, whole, entirely, completely.John 3:34John 3:1-36Believers, Grace, Holy Spirit