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Treasures for 'Believe'

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Its hard to believe people could turn away from a God who does wondrous works and awesome things.Psalm 106:22Psalm 106:22Turn away, wondrous works, awesome, believe
The message of the Gospel is to be believed.Mark 1:14,15Mark 1:14,15believe, gospel
Needy come to those they believe can meet their need.Mark 1:40Mark 1:40believe, Needy
The key to life - eternal life - is believing on, trusting in, or relying upon Jesus, the Son of God, as Savior.John 3:1-36John 3:1-36Believe, Eternal Life, Those Who Trust God
Jesus often calls for and elicits trust / belief from His followers - not just once at salvation.John 11:25-27, John 11:40John 11:1-57Believe, Trust, God's Will
Faith in the LORD and His Word is the evidence - confidence, proof positive - of things not seen with the human eye.John 11:41-42, Hebrews 11:1John 11:1-57Believe, God's Word
The Christ-life is to know God by personal experience through Jesus Christ and believe (with practice) the words (Word of God) of our LORD.John 17:3-8John 17:1-26Believe, Eternal Life, Obedience
It is profoundly important that each Christ-follower FINISH the work given them by God as Christ did: (1) believe and obey God, (2) bring the Gospel NEAR others, and (3) train the next generation.John 17:4John 17:4diligence, believe, obedience
The Scriptures are written that people may believe on the LORD Jesus Christ, the Son of God.John 20:30-31, 1 John 5:10-13John 20:30-31Believe, Jesus Christ, Son Of God