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Treasures for 'Attitudes'

Disciples of Christ should have the attitude (and practice) of "I want to serve others" and avoid the attitude "I want others to serve me."John 13:13-15John 13:13-15service, disciple, attitudes
The blessing of the LORD is upon all IN CHRIST whose heart atitude remains 'service to all others.'John 13:17John 13:17service, disciple, attitudes
Christ-followers are to put away or remove - by the indwelling Holy Spirit - fleshly speech and attitudes such as bitterness, wrath (passion or rage), anger (resentment or animosity), clamor, evil speaking (switching right for wrong or calling what God disapproves right), and malice (wickedness, desire to injure, malignity).Ephesians 4:31-32Ephesians 4:31-32attitudes, flesh, speech