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Treasures for 'Atonement'

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As was foreshadowed in the offering of the two rams continually, the blood of Jesus Christ offered but once continues daily to atone for sin.Exodus 29:38-42, Hebrews 10:9-18Exodus 29:38-42Atonement, Blood of Jesus, Christ's Work
The cost for the atonement for all mankind (rich or poor) was the same cost - the death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary (the Lamb of God).Exodus 30:15-16, John 1:29Exodus 30:15-16Salvation, Atonement, Lamb of God
The Jewish Old Testament sacrifices which temporarily covered sin repeatedly pictured for the rich, middle, and poor classes the once-for-all atonement in Jesus Christ to take away sin's penalty for all who believe (trust in and rely upon God).Leviticus 1:1-17Leviticus 1:1-17Atonement, Those Who Trust God, Christ's Sacrifice
To sin in ignorance is certainly still sin and requires atonement and forgiveness - thus, these sins are a portion of those carried by Jesus on the cross.Leviticus 5:17-19Leviticus 5:17-19Atonement, Blood Of Jesus, Ignorance
Like the Aaronic priests of old, Christ-followers should be doubly sensitive to sin and its required atonement, confession, and forgiveness.Leviticus 6:18-20Leviticus 6:18-20Atonement, God's Forgiveness, Sensitive To Sin
God is the only Source of or Provider of real atonement for those who have sinned or experienced sin's result.Deuteronomy 21:8, 1 John 2:1Deuteronomy 21:1-9Atonement, Salvation, God Saves
Every and all sin must be atoned and Jesus, the Lamb of God, was the perfect Sacrifice to completely atone for sin.Ezekiel 45:13-25Ezekiel 45:13-25Jesus Christ, salvation, atonement
Jesus' death on the cross - as the Lamb of God slain in payment for our sins - immediately opened the door (veil) to God's presence; for Himself first, then for all who BELIEVE ON HIS NAME.Mark 15:38Mark 15:1-47Jesus Christ, death, atonement
If Jesus remained in the tomb, our sins would have been atoned for (covered by His blood) but there would be NO new life in Jesus Christ (NO born again) and NO power in the Holy Spirit (indwelling) to live victoriously as CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY. Based on Mark 15:46-47 and 1 Corinthians 15:14-19 Mark 15:46-47, 1 Corinthians 15:14-19Mark 15:1-47Jesus Christ, death, atonement
One's "sin reality" is fully dealt with (from God's perspective) adequately ONLY by believing in one's heart Jesus died as his/her Savior - for payment of the penalty of sins.John 8:24John 8:1-59Atonement, Faith, Salvation