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Treasures for 'Assignment'

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God sovereignly makes my assignments.Psalm 16:5Psalm 16:5assignment, God's sovereignty
An assignment from God may seem 'negative' and difficult at first.Isaiah 6:10-13Isaiah 6:10-13Negative, difficult, assignment
God's individual plan keeps individuals on track to their assigned mission.Mark 1:38Mark 1:38assignment, Mission, God's plan
Some good ministry will be by-passed in order to keep on assignment.Mark 1:38Mark 1:38assignment, ministry
Leaders help their followers keep on the right assignment.Mark 1:38Mark 1:38assignment, leaders, followers
Not all disciples are prepared or qualified for certain assignments.Mark 3:13,14Mark 3:13,14Qualified, assignment, disciples
An apostle of Jesus is one whose assignment is to announce (especially to hose who haven't heard) life is found in Jesus Christ.2 Timothy 1:12 Timothy 1:1-3gospel, apostle, assignment
Spiritual leaders endeavor to see that their team members have what is needed to acomplish their various, assigned tasks.Titus 3:13Titus 3:12-15leaders, assignment, spiritual leaders