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Treasures for 'Anointing'

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The people of God will grieve when an anointed-by-God leader dies.1 Samuel 31:8-131 Samuel 31:8-13Anointing, Death, Grief
Under previous covenants olive oil was used to anoint one for the LORD's service - whereas today, the Holy Spirit's indwelling brings the anointing in the inner man.2 Kings 9:3,62 Kings 9service, anointing, Holy Spirit
Those appointed a ministry in God's kingdom are ENTRUSTED with that ministry.1 Chronicles 6:48 and 1 Chronicles 9:26-27ff1 Chronicles 6stewardship, anointing, ministry
The LORD chooses the one(s) to anoint (mark out) for a ministry assignment in His kingdom - revealing it to the one(s) and / or others.1 Chronicles 11:1-31 Chronicles 11God's ways, calling, anointing
A follower of Christ might be known as a prophet because (1) he prophesies and (2) his prophecies by the Holy Spirit have come to pass.Acts 21:10, Acts 11:28Acts 21:10prophecy, anointing, calling