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Treasures for 'Admit Sins'

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God, at times, calls forth some in the body of Christ to admit their sin publicly.Leviticus 4:24Leviticus 4:24Admit Sins, Humility, Confession Of Sin
The emotional and physical toll of sin is lifted and replaced with forgiveness and rejoicing in those who confess (admit) their sin to God.Psalm 32:1-11Psalm 32:1-11Admit Sins, Confession, God's Forgiveness
Those IN CHRIST who chase after God's heart experience anguish over their own sins.Psalm 38:18Psalm 38:18Admit Sins, Anguish, Intimacy With God
When was the last time I , as a Christ-follower, wept as I considered my most recent sins against my LORD?Mark 14:72Mark 14:72Admit Sins, Weeping, Spiritual Condition