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Treasures for 'Accountable'

God's people are accountable to Him for all He has revealed to them.Deuteronomy 29:29Deuteronomy 29:29God's people, Accountable, Revealed
That which God reveals of Himself and His ways (those to whom it is revealed), the people are responsible to God as to their responses.Deuteronomy 29:29Deuteronomy 29:29Accountable, Application, God Reveals
The ungodly or wicked do what they do - persecute poor, greedy, sneer at enemies, murder innocents, abuse the helpless, reject God from their thoughts, full of cursing and deceit, see themselves as immoveable - because they believe they will not give an account of their life to God.Psalm 10:13Psalm 10:1-13Accountable, Final Judgment, Without God