Phil’s Bio

Phil serves as President of IMD International. Phil writes, “From my roots in Northwest Arkansas, God has walked me through ministry in some of the most exciting, impacting conservative evangelical churches in America. Saved as an adult; God immediately thrust me into service in 1973. Formal education came after getting involved in ministry; culminating in a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Southern Baptist Center for Biblical Studies in Jacksonville, Florida.”

The Lord has graciously assigned multiple opportunities to serve Him and His servants in other countries and with multiple ethnic groups. Teaching and training the people of God is what God has called and assigned me all these years.

Since November 1993, when God gave birth to IMD International, it has become obvious that this is the progression of ministry God had planned for me. The one hallmark of walking with God that has been impressed on me more than any is this; Surrender all you have to God, He will direct you and use you as He pleases.

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